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President of Samaren Group.
Ayman Samaren

has a variety of experiences for more than 30 years in the industrial, commercial and services investments, in which includes strategic planning, diversified investment, management, implementation of engineering and construction projects,contracting management, forming and developing standards andspecifications, preparing for the competition locally and internationally ..

Mr. Ayman currently occupy number of positions most notably is thechairman of the board of directors of Samaren Group - which was established according to the best basis, standards and global systems. In addition Mr. Ayman is a members of the National Industrial Committee of The Saudi Council of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, a member of the Board of Directors and The Executive Council of Al-Medinah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the vice chairman of the Chamber’s Industrial Committee in Medina for several sessions, as well he was a member of the National Committee of Hajj and Umrah in the Saudi Council of Chambers, a member of the Board of Education in Medina and a member of the Saudi Construction Association.

Mr. Ayman contributed in many courses in different fields, most notably:

Marked Profession Activities:

          Mr. Ayman contributed in developing and finding solutions for building products, the most important is manufacturing oriels (Mashrabiyah) from aluminum instead of wood. He also has considerable experience in dealing technically with real estate projects by working as a contractor for manufacturing and installing buildings and towers’ facades, residential and governmental complexes for more than twenty years and over two hundred projects in addition to visiting several factories specialized in building materials locally and internationally.